Should I wash my hair before my appointment?

For Braids with extensions - hair must be DRY, KNOT FREE and straightened. At least unwashed for 2-3 days. For hairstyling appointments - hair must be DRY, KNOT FREE and straightened, and at least unwashed for 1-2 days.

How long will my braids last?

Ponytail - 7-10 days Top Briads - 4-14 days Looser/pulled out Braids - 2-5 days Boxer Braids; Tight - 4-14 days, Looser/pulled out - 1-3 days

I have tapes/weave/bead extensions, can I still get my hair braided?

There are some styles that are possible but sometimes not always possible to completely hide the extensions, you can hide them mostly in top braids, updos and possible x2 boxer braids.

How do I look after my Braids?

- Do not get the braids wet - getting them wet will cause the smalled hairs to come out and cause the product to run. - Sleeping with an after care head wrap or silk pillow case helps prevent your braids rubbing on cotton "rough surfaces" in your sleep. - Use hairspray when you see any hairs you dont want poking out.

What are Myster Braids?

We have inspiration pics of looks we are wanting to try and you can choose from those pics at the time of your appointment. It could be a simple style or it could take some time! Its a mystery! Message us now to BOOK IN!

What are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are use to enhance to lenght, fullness and thickness or natural lashes. You can book in for 3 different types of eyelash extensions: Classics - where 1 lash extension is applied to 1 natural lash - this look is if you are after lenght - keeping is very natural. Volume - depending on the fullness you are after we can apply anything from 2 - 7 lash extensions to 1 natural lash. This is if you are wanting a more dramtic look. Hybrid - a mix of Classics and Volume - if you are wanting more fullness but not as dramtic as Volumes.

Do you Travel?

I only travel for Bridals, and for group bookings/ braiding parties.

Are strip lashes included in the makeup and hair package?

YES! Strip lashes are included and you can choose from a wide range of strip lashes we have in stock which you can choose at the time of your appointment.

Is it cash only?

We accept cash and card (paypass and chip insert only) in our studio.

Do you do afterhours and weekend appointments?

Yes we do! We don't have set hours and are by appointment only. We aim to cater around you as best as we can.


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